On behalf of Powerman, the Bern-based recycling shop Drahtesel collects old bicycles for Africa. Bring your disused bike – roadworthy or not – to General-Guisan-Strasse 14 between September 1st and 2nd, 2018 until 18:00.

Bicycles change lives

Velafrica collects old bicycles, makes them roadworthy again and ships them to Africa. Every year over 15,000 bicycles from Switzerland are transported to the south where they help to ease people's lives.

Imagine that your water tap isn't only a few steps away, but that you need to walk several kilometres to a well. The nearest market is a day's walk away. Your children need to walk for hours to reach their school. For many people living in rural Africa, this is their everyday reality. A bicycle here will change the life of a child, a family – in fact a whole village community. Bicycles reduce poverty.

Creating opportunities in Africa

Bicycles from Switzerland help the people in Africa to access education, health care and avail themselves of economic opportunities. Anyone who has a bicycle will be able to transport much more and travel much greater distances. It leaves more time in which to learn and cultivate the fields.

Education and income

Velafrica not only transports bicycles to Africa, but also knowledge. Working with local partners, our non-profit organisation sets up bicycle workshops, holds instruction courses and trains bicycle mechanics. Jobs and income opportunities in bicycle assembly, repair and sales are created.

Benefits in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Velafrica works in partnership with social institutions that employ the unemployed and people with disabilities. Women and men in partner workshops repair bicycles and prepare them for transportation. This allows work integration placements in Switzerland to be combined with development collaboration in Africa.

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