Swiss Duathlon magazine - with key-note by Natascha Badmann

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For 30 years now the Powerman Zofingen is the biggest what exists in the world of duathlon. The classic is the undisputed number one on the international duathlon events schedule. What in 1989 begun as an idea of a small team 30 years later on is still valid.

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The athletes are responsible for making Zofingen a traditional classic. Every year they’re coming back to Zofingen from all over the world. The main focus in on the athletes and on the duathlon sport. To make this possible we’re in need of more than 600 volunteers every year. With their warmth they hand over the best business card. No matter if they’re volunteers on the race day or members of the organising committee who take care for planning and organising the event during the whole year.

The «Powerteam» of Zofingen every year tries to develop something new in common. In the anniversary year several attractions have been prepared, among them is an official world record attempt for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

On the following pages we’re looking back and pay attention to those people who made the Powerman Zofingen what it is today. Let’s remember together of a few well-known names, efforts and dramas as well we came accross in the last 30 years. Who will write the newest chapter in the history of the Powerman Zofingen we will know on the 2nd of September. I would be very pleased if also you would celebrate the anniversary together with us and so becoming part of the history of the Powerman Zofingen.

Stefan Ruf

President Powerman Zofingen