Starting to new dimensions

Melanie Maurer, Rolf Wermelinger

From the 31st of August to the 2nd of September this year the Powerman Zofingen will celebrate his 30th anniversary. A first possibility to start celebrating this anniversary was taken already now in the you event center in Oftringen. More than hundred guests, athletes and sponsors came to the meeting of sponsors and to the first «Night of Duathlon».

Text: Raphael Galliker

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Video (by Bruno Schertenleib):

1.) Beat Senn (on the left) was honoured with the Special Award 2017 by Stefan Ruf, the president of the local organising committee of the Powerman Zofingen, for his hard work in the sponsoring team and for building up the VIP event.

2.) Lukas Baumann (in the middle) is named from now on «Mister Duathlon» for his hard work for the duathlon.

3.) Natascha Badmann is the new ambassador of the Powerman Zofingen.

4.) The world famous artist on the high wire Freddy Nock will perform something very special at the 30th Powerman Zofingen.

5.) The Swiss duathletes oft he year 2017: Melanie Maurer and Rolf Wermelinger.

Fotos: Manuel Bachmann/Fotoclub Blende 8.5 Zofingen und Raphael Galliker