Relay Market Place - win a free starting place in July


Are you a good runner, but not a cyclist; or a good cyclist, but not a runner and would you like to participate in the Powerman Duathlon? No problem! You can register at the  Athletes’ Exchange and find a suitable team colleauge. On the occasion of the anniversary of the10th Duathlon World Championship, we will be launching an attractive Athlets Incentive in July.

You can find your team colleauges (2 or 3 participants) via the athletics exchange. As a team send us a "Power-Photo"  in a high resolution with 2-3 sentences, why you are the power team with full name and address including e-mail to no later than August 2, 2017.

The most original photo is awarded with a free starting place. The photos are also published on our website, at Facebook and at the opening event.

More information about the athletic exchange can be found here - link relay market place

Text. R. Riesen di Fede