Relay market place on Facebook

Are you looking for a team or athlete? Find here the instructions


You can search and contact athletes or teams via the pinboard at our facebook page. Please make a distinct entry on what you are looking for:

  1. Examples of distinct entries:
    Runner is looking for Long Distance Team for 30km / 10km / 30km
    Runner is looking for Short Distance Team for 10km
    Biker is looking for Short or Long Distance Team for 50km or 150km
    Short Distance Team is looking for Runner for 10km or 5km
    Long Distance Team ist looking for Biker for 150km
  2. Indicate your e-mail and phone number to be directly contacted by interested athletes.
  3. If available, indicate your personal homepage. Interested athletes can then have a direct look at you.
  4. Give a short presentation of yourself. What is your aspired level (fun, amateur or competition), what are your actual top times? This helps to find the right athletes for your team.
  5. Please let us know on if your search was succesful, we then remove your entry on the facebook page.

Find here the link to our facebook page.