Powerman European Championship titles to Sweden and France

Camilla Lindholm of Sweden and Anthony Le Duey of France are the new European Champions in Long Distance Duathlon. By winning their races at the Powerman Holland in Horst aan de Mas they crowned themselves over the 15k running, 60k cycling and 7.5k running distance.

French Anthony Le Duey was victorious in a time of 2:48:36 leaving Denmark’s Aksel Nielsen and Britain’s Matt Moorhouse. more than one and a half minutes behind. Le Duey succeeds Joerie Vansteelant who being in first position had to abandon the race due to a flat tire after 20 kilometers.

In the women’s race Camilla Lindholm from Sweden won the European Championship title with a brilliant performance leaving former World Champion Ulrike Schwalbe from Germany almost five minutes behind. Maud Golsteyn of Holland pleased the Dutch spectators by winning the bronze medal.

From a Swiss perspective, Maja Jacober (Zurich) on 9th place and Patrick Jaberg (Steffisburg) on 5th place were responsible for their country’s best performance. Jaberg missed the podium by only 70 seconds after a very good cycling part. More on www.powerman.nl.

The Baumann brothers Jonas and Lukas didn’t start in Holland. They raced at the Rheintal Duathlon in Switzerland.

All women’s and men’s medallists start at Powerman Zofingen 2010

The Organizing Commitee around Stefan Ruf is very pleased to announce that all three medallists of the Women’s and Men’s European Championship races will be in Zofingen on September 5th 2010. It is going to be a very interesting race in Zofingen and it will be a great challenge for Camilla and Anthony to win again facing the lust for revenge of Ulrike and Maud as well as Aksel and Matt respectively.

Last year, both Camilla and Anthony finished their races at the Powerman Zofingen on third place. Le Duey crossed the finishing line 18 minutes behind Champion Joerie Vansteelant (Belgium) and two minutes behind Andy Sutz (Switzerland).

Camilla Lindholm came in third almost 10 minutes after Erika Csomor of Hungary raised her arms victoriously winning in Zofingen for the 6th time and loosing three minutes to Britain’s Jessica Petersson.

Always remember: The earlier you subscribe for the Powerman Zofingen on September 5th 2010 (online on www.powerman.ch), the less you pay for your starting fee.

Next race is Powerman Germany

The next race in the Powerman Series is the Powerman Germany in Falkenstein on May 30th (16k running, 64k cycling, 8k running). More information on www.powerman-germany.org.

Raphael Galliker

Results: Powerman Holland, European Championships in Long Distance Duathlon, Horst aan de Maas. Men: 1st Anthony Le Duey (La Remuee/F) 2:48:36. 2nd Aksel Nielsen (Aalborg/DEN) 2:50:14. 3rd Matt Moorhouse (Preston/ENG) 2:50:50. - Further: 5th Patrick Jaberg (Steffisburg/CH) 2:52:00. – Women: 1st Camilla Lindholm (Malmö/SWE) 3:06:27. 2nd Ulrike Schwalbe (Jena/GER) 3:11:13. 3rd Maud Golsteyn (Nieuwstadt/NED) 3:11:36. - Further: 9th Maja Jacober (Zürich/CH) 3:35:20.