Pooley and Kuzmin win

Emma Pooley

Emma Pooley, the British lady living in Hausen am Albis in the canton Zurich and the Russian Maxim Kuzmin win on Sunday at the 29th Powerman Zofingen the 2017 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. Pooley sets a fabulous new record: She wins the world championship title for the fourth time in a row. She arrived 27 minutes in front of Miriam Van Reijen (NL), closely followed by Katrin Esefeld (GER). Best Swiss lady in fourth place was Nina Zoller (Chur). Kuzmin’s win, last year’s fifth, was a surprise for a lot of people. He finished about 85 seconds in front of last year’s winner Seppe Odeyn (Bel). Third place, as last year, went to Søren Bystrup (DEN). Best Swiss athlet became Rolf Wermelinger (Kirchenthurnen/BE) in sixth place. There was no new track record this year. Over all there where around 1‘300 competitors over the whole Powerman Zofingen weekend which was about one hundred less than in the last two years.

«I’m very proud that I could win here for the fourth time in a row, despite the fact that I felt some pressure to win», said Emma Pooley. At the beginning of the second bike round the British lady left all the other athletes behind her. «On the last 30 running kilometres i was running not to fast but very stable.» In the end Pooley was more than 27 minutes faster than Miriam Van Reijen (NL) who herself again had a gap of 45 seconds to third-placed Katrin Esefeld (GER). Ten minutes later arrived the first Swiss lady Nina Zoller (Chur) on fourth place. «I’m very lucky because I made the duathlon race of my life.» With Melanie Maurer (8th place) from nearby Wikon another Swiss lady made it for the top-ten.

First Russian victory

In the men’s race Maxim Kuzmin won. «It was very hard», were the only words the 29-year-old Russian who doesn’t speak any foreign languages could say. It was the first Russian victory in the Powerman Zofingen history. At the beginning of the bike track there were still 13 athletes together in front. As soon as they were on the final 30 running kilometers Kuzmin and Gaël Le Bellec (FRA) were running away from the others. The man from Russia than attacked and came to the finish line 85 seconds before Seppe Odeyn. In third place finished, as last year, with a gap of two minutes the Dane Søren Bystrup. 4th place went to Le Bellec. In the middle oft he bike section the German Felix Köhler had o give up: «After I felt off the bike some weeks ago at the Bernina Pass the pains in my right leg were too intensive.» The best Swiss man in the end was Rolf Wermelinger (Kirchenthurnen/BE) finishing sixth. «After my last year’s eighth place I had an even better tactic and now I’m very happy.» With Fabian Zehnder (Wädenswil/ZH) on ninth place another Swiss athlete made it for the top-ten.

Incredible performances

Stefan Ruf, the president of the organising committee, was very lucky with the Powerman Zofingen Sunday. «I’m very pleased. The sun was shining for the athletes who showed incredible performances on the slightly modified running track in the end.» Ruf was not very astonished because oft he first Russian victory and of the fourth title in a row for Emma Pooley. «That shows how wide the range at the Powerman Zofingen is.»

A lot of joy at the CHARITY

The participation was gratifying at the Powerman Charity. Around 200 participants. Roughly the same as in the last year and twice as much as in the previous year, so Ruf. A radiance in the face also had Martin Knoblauch, the managing director of „Schweizerische Muskelgesellschaft.“ «Together with the money of the Jumbo Markt AG we will again receive a check of over CHF 50‘000.--.» At the 5 km Powerman CHARITY run also many prominent participants took part. So the government council of canton Aargau, Urs Hofmann, the Kickboxing-Star, regisseur and actor Kazim Carman and also the moderator, videoproducer and business woman Sara Bachmann with her dog Aria. «I liked it especially in the forest, since it was very refreshing and because also a lot of spectactors cheered me.» The world famous high rope acrobat Freddy Nock from Uerkheim was still fresh in the target. «That was my goal for the photo together with Sara Bachmann, my best instagram girlfriend.» Natascha Badmann from Küngoldingen, the six time ironman hawaii winner attended a huge programme at the Powerman Zofingen weekend with the participation in the team race, in a food workshop and the participation at the Powerman CHARITY. «With this good weather this is a wonderful day and as an ambassador I try to win as many people as possible for the Powerman Zofingen event.» The city president of Zofingen, Hans-Ruedi Hottiger, cancelled his participation due to hip pains.

29. Powerman Zofingen, 2016 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships (10 km Laufen/150 km Velofahren/30 km Laufen)


1. Maxim Kuzmin (RUS) 6:31.04; 2. Seppe Odeyn (BEL) 6:32.30; 3. Søren Bystrup (DEN) 6:34.52; 4. Gaël Le Bellec (FRA) 6:36.55; 5. Yannick Cadalen (FRA) 6:39.10; 6. Rolf Wermelinger (SUI, Kirchenthurnen) 6:39.44; 7. Jarmo Rissanen (FIN) 6:44.34; 8. Michele Paonne (LIE) 6:46.53; 9. Fabian Zehnder (SUI, Wädenswil) 6:47.26; 10. Alistair Eeckman (USA) 6:50.01; 11. Marc Widmer (SUI, Wädenswil) 6:51.19; 12. Hartlev Kasper Laumann (DEN) 6:51.48; 13. Raphael Lee (SUI, Holziken) 6:58.41; 14. Rui Narigueta (POR) 6:59.28; 15. Thomas Bruins (NED) 6:59.50; 16. Jochen Neyrinck (BEL) 7:00.20; 17. Daniel Vatter (SUI, Effretikon) 7:03.04; 18. Andreas Kälin (SUI, Wollerau) 7:03.57; 19. Julian Lings (GBR) 7:04.37; 20. Ueli Bieler (SUI, Zürich) 7:11.32.

Mehr Resultate/more results on: https://www.datasport.com/de/

1. Emma Pooley (GBR) 7:21.04; 2. Miriam Van Reijen (NED) 7:48.19; 3. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 7:49.05; 5. Nina Zoller (SUI, Chur) 7:59.16; 7. Sabrina Godard-Monmarteau (FRA) 8:09.07; 8. Melanie Maurer (SUI, Liebefeld) 8:10.53; 10. Céline Bousrez (FRA) 8:15.19; 11. Virginie Soenen (BEL) 8:16.01; 12. Maja Jacober (SUI, Ossingen) 8:18.32; 15. Deborah Ghyselen (BEL) 8:34.19; 16. Airi Sawada (JPN) 8:34.59; 18. Christelle Hattingh (RSA) 8:39.37;

Mehr Resultate/more results on: https://www.datasport.com/de/

Short Distance, (10 Km running, 50 Km cycling, 5 Km running)

1. Valentin Fridelance (SUI, St-Barthélemy) 2:11.39; 2. Denis Vanderperre (SUI, Magglingen); 2:15.58; 3. David Günthardt (SUI, Schaffhausen) 2:17.08.

Mehr Resultate/more results on: https://www.datasport.com/de/

1. Sabine Hauswirth (SUI, Kirchenthurnen) 2:24.37; 2. Daniela Schwarz (SUI, Winterthur); 2:28.58; 3. Linda Achtel (SUI, Erlinsbach) 2:33.49.

Mehr Resultate auf/more results on: https://www.datasport.com/de/

1.) Emma Pooley from Great Britain wins the 2017 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. She could defend her title and as the first athlete ever she won the championships for the fourth time.

2.) The 29-year-old Russian Maxim Kuzmin wins the 2017 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships for the first time.

3.) The podium in the women’s race from the left: Katrin Esefeld (3.), Emma Pooley (1.), Miriam Van Reijen (2.).

4.) The podium in the men’s race from the left: Seppe Odeyn (2.), Maxim Kuzmin (1.), Søren Bystrup (3.).

Fotos: Fotoclub Blende 8.5 Zofingen und Raphael Galliker

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