Our Ambassadors

Amedeo Bonfanti Powerman10+ Finisher, Triathlete/Duathlete, Italy
Oscar Mendoza Elite-Duathlet/Triathlet, Columbia
Grigoris Skoularikis Elite Powerman Duathlet, Greece
Lukas Baumann Elite-Duathlet, Zofingen, Switzerland
Jonas Baumann Elite-Duathlet, Muhen, Switzerland
René Peter Duathlete/Multi-Sportsman, Switzerland
Norbert Braun Duathlete/Multi-Sportsman, Dettingen-Teck, Germany
Heinz Bauer Triathlete/Duathlete, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
Bruno Sekinger Runner, Zufikon, Switzerland
Marc Widmer Elite-Duathlete, Wollerau, Switzerland
Udo Siebert Duathlethe, Germany
Duncan Adamson Duathlete, Great Britain

Amedeo Bonfanti, Italy

"Udo Siebert friend and founder of the Jubilee club asked me to become an Ambassador for the advertising I do in Italy for your race. Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Austria and Powerman Zofingen are the races that I carry in my heart. I’m very proud for this prestigious recognition to be an ambassador of Powerman Zofingen and I will continue advertising for your race as I have done always."


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See here ironman and Powerman classifications of Amedeo Bonfanti


Oscar Mendoza, Columbia

I feel very proud to be an ambassador of South America for the "ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships". You can be sure and count to the support of mine.


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1 º puesto : USAT National Championchip Long Course 2012
     Cambrige Maryland USA

4 º Puesto categoría Elite, Campeonato Nacional Duathlon Buga Colombia Mayo 2012

6 º Puesto, categoría elite,   Valida Mundial Duatlón Powerman Alabama Estados Unidos 2011.

10 º Puesto Campeonato Mundial de Duathlon
      Concord, Estados Unidos 2009

6 º  Puesto, categoría elite Campeonato Centro Sur Americano de Duatlón, Envigado  Colombia 2009

4 º  Puesto, I valida Distrital de Duatlón, Bogotá Colombia 2009

1 º  puesto cat 25 -29, Campeonato Suramericano De Duatlón Envigado Colombia 2008

1º  puesto cat 25-29, valida Nacional de Triatlón, Paipa Boyacá 2008

1 º  puesto CAT 25 -29, Campeonato Panamericano De Duatlón Cali Colombia 2007

1º  puesto CAT 25- 29 Campeonato Nacional de Larga Distancia, calima Colombia 2007

1º  puesto cat 25 29 Campeonato Panamericano de Triatlón, Bogotá Colombia 2007

1º  puesto CAT 25 – 29 Campeonato Panamericano de Triatlón,Bogotá Colombia 2006

1 º puesto CAT 20- 24, Campeonato  Panamericano De Duatlón  La Calera Colombia 2005

1 º puesto CAT 20 -24, Power Man De Duatlón La Calera Colombia 2001

1 º puesto CAT 20 -24, Campeonato Distrital De Duatlón 2000

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Grigoris Skoularikis, Greece


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I was born in 1981 and I consider my self an athlete from the first time I stood up on my feet. Over the years I have participated in national level championships at many sports but loved duathlon/triathlon from 2002. After a nearly fatal cycling accident in 2005, I resumed full training only in 2008 and at the end of the season I managed to win the national duathlon championship. After actually 4 years with no triathlon/duathlon race the hardest thing was to find my real self and put me on the road again.
Now, I identify myself as “Runner by instinct, stubborn cyclist, swimmer by necessity, triathlete with love, but more important, duathlete by choice.”

You see, sports and racing is not just a simple try, which results in winning or losing. It is the experiences we gain on our routes through life. Be sure that this road is long, and be sure for me that doing running and cycling I know that my roads are even longer. For me, simply, this is Life!

If I am successful doing some things, I feel is important only because people who love me, friends and family have something more to say about me. For example being 4 time national duathlon champion (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013) and winner of first ever (2004) classic duathlon held in Greece. I was the first Greek to compete in a Powerman Duathlon Race and in a long distance duathlon world championship (placed 21st in 2011 and 17th in 2012) and at the same time first Greek ever to finish the famous Powerman Zofingen. Also, I feel it a great honor to be a www.bikepure.org role model, fighting for dope clean sports.

For these, I have been characterized as pioneer of duathlon in Greece. Setting goals is not difficult, but trying to meet these expectation is! My roads are not only long, but hard as well. Join me!


Lukas Baumann, Switzerland

Luki (born in 1978) is together with his brother Joni, Powerman Ambassador of the first hour. He is a very active member of the Powerman Zofingen organisation. Both athletes are leaders of the Ambassador group. Luki is responsable for the contacts and the exchange with the sports federations. He is a passionate and professional Duathlete. Find out more about Lukas under  www.lukasbaumann.ch

Sports career

1987-1997                Fussball
1995-2000                Inlinehockey
seit  1997                  Laufen und Velofahren
ab 2001                     Duathlon als Hauptsportart
seit 2004                   Leistungssport Duathlon


Powerman long Zofingen: 8. Rang (2007) | 6:49:30h (2008)
11. Rang (2008, 2006)
Swiss Duathlon Cup:

2. Rang (Oberaargauer Duathlon 2009)
2. Rang (Baldegg Duathlon 2009)
2. Rang (Kölliker Duathlon 2005)

Schweizermeisterschaft: 5. Rang SM (Intervall Duathlon Zofingen, 2007)
Jahresranking: 2. Swiss Duathlon Cup overall, 2005
3. Swiss Duathlon Cup overall, 2009
3. Swiss Duathlon Cup overall, 2007
Anzahl Podestplätze: #22
Davon Siege: #8
Halbmarathon: 1:12.27,8 h (Basel, 2008) [#10]
Marathon: 2:53.33 h (Stockholm, 2001) [#1]

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Jonas Baumann, Switzerland

Joni Baumann (born in 1981) is together with his brother Lukas, Powerman Ambassador of the first hour. He also is a very active member of the Powerman organization committee. Both athletes are leading the group of the Powerman Ambassadors. Find out more about Jonas under  www.jonas-baumann.ch

Spors career


2001-2003 hobbymässig
2004-2005 leistungsorientiert
seit 2006 als Leistungssport
2007 Sichtungskader Duathlon bei Swiss Triathlon


6. Rang: Powerman longdistance WM Zofingen 2006 (Elite)
10. Rang: Powerman longdistance WM Zofingen 2009 (Elite)
14. Rang: ITU WM longdistance Duathlon Denmark 2006 (Elite)
7. Rang: Powerman Worldranking 2006

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René Peter, Switzerland

As ambassadors of Powerman Zofingen I wish the organizers also return bring back something for the great work that is done in the background voluntarily. I know very well, this is anything but self-evident. Such a race needs many helping hands so that the athletes can focus itself on the race. If I can  in the role of an ambassador motivate someone to participate at the race even once, then of course I am looking forward very much.

More infos here: http://www.fampeter.ch/rene/duathlon/index.html

Today, I am permanently connected to the duathlon, as a board member of PRODUATHLON SUISSE (www.produathlon.ch)

Sports career

4x POMZOF Shortdistance Finisher
4x POMZOF Longdistance Finisher
4x Powerman Austria Langdistanze Finisher
Diverse Duathlon

3x Lucerne Marathon Finisher
Diverse Halbmarathon und sonstige Läufe


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Norbert Braun, Germany

Norbert "Nobbe" (born in 1961) is as an athlete (AK) and since many years active as a Powerman Zofingen Ambassador. He is promoting the Powerman Series wherever possible. Find out more about Nobbe under www.nb-sports.de

IPA Powerman Duathlon Ambassador of the Year 2010 – Nobbe Braun

IPA’s John Raadschelder honored Norbert Braun for his outstanding commitment of many years for Powerman Duathlon. Norbert Braun is the Powerman ambassador for 2010.

Sports career

DTU Deutsche Meisterschaft Duathlon (Langdistanz)

  • DM Platz 2 Silbermedaille DM-Lang Falkenstein (D) 2007

ETU Duathlon - Europameisterschaft Kurzdistanz

  • EM-Olatz 5 ETU-Europameisterschaft Serres (GRE) 2008

ITU Duathlon - Weltmeisterschaft (Langdistanz)

  • WM-Platz 6 PM-Weltmeisterschaft Zofingen (CH) 2006


  • 4-Fach Powerman Zofingen-Finisher 1999, 2003, 2005 und 2006
  • Participant Powerman Charity 2015, 2016, 2017


  • 2:57:55 Std. Berlin-Marathon (D) 2000



Heinz Bauer, Germany

Heinz (born in 1943) is very experienced multi-sports enthusiast. He is the winner of the 2009 Powerman Zofingen as well as the winner of the Powerman Germany in his age group. He is an active Ambassador and promotes Powerman Zofingen in all the races and training camps where he takes part.

Sports career

  • Geb. 1943 in Dürrengerbisdorf/Sachsen - während der Schulzeit Fussball und Turnen
  • ab 1958 bis 1963 aktiv Radsport mit kleineren Erfolgen bei Jugend- und Juniorenradrennen auf der Strasse
  • Studium, Beruf und Familie im Vordergrund
  • ab 1992 sportlich wieder aktiv - 1993 erster Triathlon über Mitteldistanz
  • 1995 erster Ironman in Roth
  • 1997 erste Teilnahme Poewrman Zofingen
  • bis heute 21 Ironman absolviert, u.a. 2x in Hawaii
  • Sieger AK60-64 Ironman Lanzarote 2006
  • 2009 Sieger AK65-69 Powerman Germany und Powerman Zofingen

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Bruno Sekinger, Switzerland

Bruno is a 32 years old newcomer in duathlon sport. In 2010 he started in Zofingen for the first time over the Short Distance. He is a very experienced runner and will actively promote the Powerman Zofingen in all the races where he is taking part as well as recommend our race to all his friends and family.
He discovered his passion for running when he was 13 years old. He took part in different running events in Switzerland and in various other parts of Europe. He already finished eight marathon races – twice in Zurich, twice in Biel, as well as in Hamburg, Helsinki, Berlin and Paris.

He wants to modify his sporting career and therefore takes up Duathlon, over the Short Distance in 2010 and the Long Distance in 2011. His sportive goal is to finish a triathlon.


Bruno is also president of a bowling club (SSKV) and a member of the organizing committee of the Ironman 70.3 in Rapperswil-Jona where he is responsible for the food stations. Find out more about Bruno under:




Marc Widmer, Switzerland

Marc (born in 1980) from Wädenswil is a former Elite cyclist. Nowadays he is a passionate Elite duathlete. He supports the Powerman Zofingen as an Ambassador at several duathlon events and races. Find our more about Marc under http://www.powermarc.ch/

Sports career

1996 erster Strassenradrennen
1998 erster Lauf
1998 - 1999       U23-Elite Rad (Strasse)
2000 Rekrutenschule als Radfahrer
2001 erster Duathlon
2002 erste Teilnahme Powerman Zofingen
2003 Mitglied Schweizerische U23-Duathlon Nationalmannschaft
2001 - heute Duathlon als Leistungssport


Powerman Weltmeisterschaft Zofingen
  • 5. Platz Overall (2008)
  • 7. Platz Overall (2007)
  • 7. Platz Overall (2006)
  • 12. Platz Overall (2009)
Powerman Worldranking
  •  10. Platz (2008/2009)
 Duathlon Schweizermeisterschaften
  •  6. Platz  Intervall Duathlon Zofingen (2008)
Swiss Duathlon Cup Jahreswertung
  •  3. Platz Overall (2008)
 Age Group
  • 1x Powerman Weltmeister (2006)
  • 3x Powerman Vizeweltmeister (2002, 2003, 2004)
  • 1x Powerman Vizeeuropameister (2005)
  • 1x ITU Duathlon Langdistanz-Vizeweltmeister (2005)

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Udo Siebert

Udo Siebert is one of our most loyal ten times finishers. He is the founder of the Jubilee Club in Zofingen.



Duncan Adamson

Motto - “Patience is a virtue...”

I am in some ways a typical MAMIL (Middle-Aged-Man-In-Lycra), but rather than stick to cycling or enter the world of Triathlon as do others, I instead opted for the ‘hard yards’ of long distance Duathlon, preferring as I do to avoid swimming except in avoidance of drowning! Coming from predominantly a running background but working hard to realise continued improvements on the bike, I am coached by Jimmy George of VO2 Maximum Triathlon Coaching, and a member of Racetime Triathlon Club. I started racing in the summer of 2012, and although I improved quickly over the shorter races, I realised that I gained a far greater sense of achievement from covering the longer distances, and so ‘moved up’ to focus exclusively on long distance Duathlon in 2013. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Powerman UK in 2013 and came to realise that the Powerman organisation’s approach is one to be embraced; highly competitive racing but with an inclusive ethos.

Having qualified to represent Great Britain as an Age Group Duathlete, I am now keen not only to meet head-on the challenge posed by the daunting Zofingen course, but also to race other events in the Powerman series in 2015 and beyond. I also want to encourage others to see Duathlon – and long distance Duathlon specifically – as a discipline to be judged on its own merits, being far more than an off-season alternative for Triathletes, but rather, a very tough, demanding but rewarding multi-sport that attracts both elite and age-group athletes alike.

As a Powerman Ambassador who races regularly over various distances, I hope to encourage others to join the growing ranks of long distance Duathletes and to enjoy the special atmosphere at Powerman events wherever they may be held.

Race History

  • 2nd in AG (40-44) at Powerman UK (Long-Course) - 2013
  • 1st in AG (40-44) & 10th overall at London Duathlon (Ultra Distance) - 2013

2014 Races

  • Powerman UK - May 2014, Sherborne, UK (10K/120K/20K)
  • Powerman World Championships – September 2014, Zofingen, Switzerland (10K/150K/30K)

Blog: http://djadamson46.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @djadamson46


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