Long Distance

Course maps

See here all details concerning the race courses

Issuance of starting numbers



The transition zone is open for Check-in as following:

06:30 - 07:30 bike handover women

06:30 - 08:10 bike handover men / relay


The starting zone is right next to the transition area.

Starting times

Starting times see here.

Transition area

The transition area is located on a field right next to the historic city center of Zofingen and is surrounded by the „Powerman Arena“.

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The finishing line lies within the transition area. Food and massage stations are just behind the finishing line.

Official catering

During the competition we provide water, hypotonic and carbo drinks as well as energy bars and bananas.

Competition rules

We apply the rules of ITU. Drafting is not allowed according to Art. E2.2.d.i. – distance to be kept from front wheel to front wheel is 12m. The blue cards are for drafting penalties on the bike segment, the yellow cards are for other penalties, and the red cards for disqualifications. - see Regulations.

Entry fee

According to category and your time of registration - see Entry fees.

Day licence

All athletes of the LONG DISTANCE race must possess a valid license. Otherwise, athletes will have to pay CHF 42.50.-- (EUR 40.--) on-site. This revenue entirely goes to Swiss Triathlon to promote duathlon and triathlon in Switzerland. Swiss athletes have the opportunity to apply for an annual license, see details at Swiss Triathlon www.swisstriathlon.ch.

Bike service

There are several excellent bike-shops in and around Zofingen. There is a bike doctor available for the athletes at the transition area as of Saturday and Sunday. Link to all Powerman bike-shops


ITU Powerman Long Distance World Championships - total 50'000 USD

For men and women. Only elite category. Time limit +10% to 2nd ranked. Foreign athletes will have tax deduction. Price money will be payed not before the results of the doping tests are available. Elite athletes are not ranked in age groups.

Splitting of prize-money
1.: USD 6'250.- 2.: USD 5'000.- 3.: USD 3'750.- 4.: USD 2'500.- 5.: USD 2'000.-
6.: USD 1'750.- 7.: USD 1'500.- 8.: USD 1'000.- 9.: USD 750.- 10.: USD 500.-

b: Prizes for the first three of each age-group: gold, silver and bronze medal as well as goods.

c: Prizes for every finisher: High-quality Powerman finisher-shirt and finisher-medal.