A life between the altar and race track

Alexander Serna Serna

This is a first for Powerman Zofingen: Edison Alexander Serna Serna is not only someone to look out for at the 26th Powerman Zofingen because of his name but also because of his profession: The 34-year-old Colombian is a Catholic priest.

In Colombia, he is an original and every child knows him: Edison Alexander Serna Serna is a duathlete and triathlete and has already won several medals in national and international competitions. His job: Catholic priest!

Although his training for run and bike are conventional, what he does for the swim is quite unique: he goes down a well, supported by a home made rubber cable, to get his work out and to get into tip-top shape. To get to work he rides his racing bike and this is usually to be found tucked away behind the altar from. After work, he jumps back on his bike for another session.

The likeable 34-year-old priest is very ambitious: «In the coming years I would like to race Hawaii Ironman again!» For the moment Edison Alexander Serna Serna is happy to be racing on September 7th at the 2014 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. His time in Zofingen will not be spent in a hotel, but rather, modestly in a Homestay arranged by Powerman Zofingen.

Colombian television produced a documentary last year, «Portrait of the life of the priest between the altar and the race track»: Link noticias univision

Text: R. Galliker