Jubilee Club

Jubilee-Club – the exclusive club for all 10+ finisher over the Powerman Long Distance


Members of the Jubilee-Club are athletes who finished the Powerman Zofingen Long Distance race ten times or more and who are known until today. The idea was brought to Powerman in 2008 by Stefan Ruf and Udo Siebert one of our ten times finishers.

News from the Jubilee-Club

The Jubilee-Club now consists of 34 members. Congratulations to all of you!

Profits for members

Every new member with ten finished races receives a Powerman honor award as well as a special 10x finisher t-shirt..

At every Powerman race, the Jubilee-Club members are presented with their special yellow-gold starting number during the opening ceremony (please take care to register in time). Also 10x-Finisher starting in the team or at the short distance will receive their special 10x finisher t-shirt at the opening ceremony. As a Jubilee-Club member you also have a perpetual starting right at the Powerman Zofingen – with your own personal starting number and you pay no additonal fee when registering late.

We kindly ask all Jubilee-Club members to indicate their contact details to the organizational committee. All Jubilee-Club members will be invited to our special event that is taking place on the Thursday before the race.

Active Members

These athletes finished Powerman Zofingen ten times or more. A special honor is due to Willi Erismann who leads the Jubilee-Club with his impressive 20 finishes. Congratulations to him and to all other athletes to their great achievement.

  1. Willi Erismann, SUI
  2. Roland Schudel, SUI
  3. Detlef Brauer, GER
  4. Udo Siebert, GER
  5. Claude Martin, FRA
  6. Thomas Meiners, GER (16 Finishes)
  7. Ueli Niederhauser, SUI
  8. Daniel Thalmann, SUI
  9. Maja Jacober, SUI (16 Finishes)
  10. Sebastian Retzlaff, GER (17 Finishes)
  11. Urs Rueger, SUI
  12. Bernd Zitterbart, GER
  13. Erika Csomor, HUN
  14. John Phillips, USA
  15. Jorge Gisbert Hinojosa, ESP
  16. Dimitri Vanmassenhove, BEL
  17. Jürgen Lakeberg, GER
  18. Amedeo Bonfanti, ITA (15 Finishes)
  19. Norbert Huber, GER
  20. Luca Nascimbeni, ITA
  21. Ruedi Holenweg, SUI
  22. Felix Bättig, SUI
  23. Marc Widmer, SUI (13 Finishes)
  24. Roland Schmitter, SUI
  25. Cathy Buffet, FRA (12 Finishes)
  26. Richard Day, NZL
  27. Simon Baumann, SUI
  28. Hans Uhlmann, SUI
  29. Andre Maire, FRA
  30. Jörg Riedweg SUI
  31. Robert Bienz, SUI
  32. David Muff, SUI
  33. Daniel Waldmeier, SUI
  34. Alex Lamberix, NED

If you would like to publish your ten time finishing story, please contact Udo Siebert udo.siebert@powerman.ch. This list is based on the actual knowledge of the OK. Please contact us if you know about other candidates for the Jubilee-Club. We do not have actual e-mails of every Jubilee-Club athlete – please contact us.

Jubilee-Club Candidates

Our club is about to grow, the following athletes finished the Powerman Long Distance already five times or more:

9 times:

  • Ewald Weissengruber, AUT
  • Max Kesselring, SUI
  • Markus Zeder, SUI
  • Markus Müller, SUI
  • Heinz Buchmann, SUI

8 times:

  • Antonio Scirocco, ITA
  • Andreas Rudolph, GER
  • Josh Beck, USA
  • Daniel Vogt, SUI
  • Lukas Baumann, SUI
  • Michael Wichmann, GER
  • Soren Bystrup, DEN

7 times:

  • Fulvio Esposito, ITA
  • Mario Forster, GER
  • Jonas Baumann, SUI
  • Christian Hauri, SUI
  • Marcel Peschier, NED
  • Beat Meier, SUI

6 times:

  • Nicole Frey, SUI
  • Klaus Heilmann, GER
  • Norbert Wyser, SUI
  • Martin Salm, SUI
  • Andy Sutz, SUI
  • René Peter, SUI
  • Her Tesselar, NED
  • Laurent Martinou, FRA
  • Sabine Christ, SUI
  • Michael Pohl, GER
  • Bernd Weis, GER

5 times:

  • Heinz Bauer, GER
  • Niklaus Vögeli, SUI
  • Thomas Strebel, SUI

Call for all Powermen and Powerwomen who finished the race already five to nine times!

We would like to specially motivate you during the opening ceremony! Please contact Udo Siebert at udo.siebert@powerman.ch and let him know how many Long Distance Powerman races you have already finished.