An icon runs backwards

Hassan Kurt

Hassan Kurt – extreme reverse runner and vice-world record holder over 100 km in reverse running arrives in Zofingen at 28th of August 2017 – entry into the training in the athlete and get free tips and tricks from the specialist! On the 3rd of September 2017 he’s running the Powerman Zofingen backwards.

The well-known extreme reverse runner Hassan Kurt from Germany will compete for the first time a long distance duathlon at the Powerman Zofingen. He will run backwards. Since 2016 he had a world record in reverse running over 100 km with a final time of 21 hours and 34 minutes. On the Biel run-days the reverse runner Ralf Klug, also from Germany, managed to overcome this record by 13 minutes.

In Germany he’s an icon

In Germany the reverse runner Hassan Kurt is an icon and well known for his extremely active sport worldwide. This was not always like this. When the taxi driver began his very special hobby, he was smiled and confused eyes followed him. At that time his passion was already very unusual, but not yet well regarded. Today it is different and Hassan Kurt has shown with his perseverance that this type of running can be taken seriously and has many advantages for physical well-being.

Like on a cloud

To the topic of reverse running came Kurt through his former coach Wolfram Wendt from Kronberg. During several years, Kurt trained normal running and has completed several marathon races. But soon he realized that he was missing something «the fun factor in running». His now deceased coach Wendt advised him: «Hassan, try to run backwards.» He followed the advice of his coach and quickly realized that reverse running has a very positive effect and is a very good addition to the normal running training. Other muscles are used. In addition it is «like to run on a cloud», because you come first with the foot tips and you are thereby also rarely injured.

Meet the star

From the 28th of August 2017, the extremely reverse runner and vice record holder Hasssan Kurt will be present in Zofingen. He will use the week before the competition to get to know the course and complete his training on the track. If you want to learn more about reverse running, you can complete your personal training with the extreme reverse runner specialist and get tips and tricks about this type of running.

On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, the extreme reverse runner will also hold a workshop with probetraining in the Stadtsaal at 5.30 pm. All interested parties are welcome.

To the further presence of Markus Jürgens, we have also the world champion in reverse running on stage. The tension rises on Sunday, 3rd of September 2017, and an exciting race around the first Powerman Duathlon World Championship title is given in reverse running. To be a part of it is worthwhile!

Text: Regula Riesen di Fede

caption: The German Hassan Kurt from the 28th of August 2017 in Zofingen gives tips about the reverse running and on the 3rd of September 2017 he runs the whole Powerman Zofingen backwards.

Picture: Hassan Kurt