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Find here the profiles of our ambassadors

To make duathlon and especially the Powerman Zofingen even more popular, we invented the Powerman-Ambassadors. Our ambassadors are athletes, who not only participate in the Powerman Zofingen themselves, but also inspire their friends to go to the starting-line. Beside other Ambassadors, who are already on the run to promote the Powerman Zofingen, Lukas and Jonas Baumann have the lead in this campaign. The two brothers belong to the Powerman organisation committee.

Lukas und Jonas Baumann
Our Powerman-Ambassadors Lukas and Jonas

Both athletes, originally from Zofingen, are very active in sport-organisations, races and events and spend a lot of time and effort to promote our beloved Powerman. The couple knows what networking means: Presentations, own homepage, media-stories, flyers, advertising banners, posters and many other promotion-activities. They even have the Powerman-logo applied on all their clothes. But, as we mentioned before, their most important job is to convince their friends to take part in the Powerman themselves.

Thank you Lukas and Jonas and all other Ambassadors for your excellent job. Keep going!

How to become a Powerman-Ambassador

After your registration as a competitor, you can register via E-Mail as an active Ambassador of the Powerman Zofingen. You are added to the list of official Ambassadors and receive then your personal „Ambassador-Code“. Afterwards, you inform us in which races and events you are taking part to promote the Powerman Zofingen. If desired, we can support you with commercials (flyers and stickers) as well as with information on how to best plan your representation activities. Our expectations in you as an Ambassador are as following:

  • New participants who come to Zofingen for the first time and increase therefore the number of competitors
  • Provide us with pictures and articles of races and events in which you took part that document your representative activities
  • Promote us in medias, blogs and communities where you are active

In return for your representation work and as a recognition, you are incorporated in the official Powerman Ambassador circle. Convince at least one athlete to participate in the Long Distance Powerman - and the following goodies are waiting for you:

  • Your future entry fee will be reduced by 50 % for every 2 new participants convinced by you.
  • Events with your leading Ambassadors Lukas and Jonas Baumann in the days before the race
  • Your name appears on the Powerman-homepage with a direct link to your personal homepage
  • Presentation of you being an active Ambassador at the Pasta Party
  • Invitation of you as an active ambassador at the VIP Welcome Party with officials and elite athletes

Find here the profiles of our ambassadors