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Men's top 10:
1. Rob Woestenborghs (BEL) 6:21:39.
2. André Moser (SUI) 6:24:16.
3. Michael Wetzel (GER) 6:24:47.
4. Matt Moorhouse (GBR) 6:26:23.
5. Sören Bystrup (DEN) 6:28:33.
6. Andy Sutz (SUI) 6:30:22.
7. Michael Kopf (GER) 6:30:40.
8. Yannick Cadalen (FRA) 6:33:34.
9. Marc Widmer (SUI) 6:35:07.
10. Daniel Formela (POL) 6:35:47.



Women's top 10:
1. Eva Nyström (Swe) 7:13:08.
2. Julia Viellehner (Ger) 7:24:36.
3. Ruth Brennan Morrey (USA) 7:27:04.
4. Barbara Schwarz (SUI) 7:27:11.
5. May Kerstens (NED) 7:29:06.
6. Petra Egenschwiler (SUI) 7:29:31.
7. Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner (AUT) 7:33:09.
8. Karin Gerber (SUI) 7:34:26.
9. Maja Jacober (SUI) 7:39:27.
10. Jacqueline Uebelhart (SUI) 7:50:55.



Men's bronze was for Michael Wetzel.



Sprint finish for women's bronze medal: Ruth Brennan Morrey made it for 7 sec. 4 th: Barbara Schwarz.



Silvermedals are for Julia Viellehner and André Moser.



Rob Woestenborghs, ITU and Powerman Duathlon long distance World Champion 2013. Winning time : 6:21:39



Eva Nyström, the 2013 ITU and Powerman Duathlon long distance world champion. Her winning time: 7:13:08.



Media people are moving to the finish line: Eva Nyström passed the 27.5 km timing mat.



For the men there are still 3 for the remaining two steps on the podium: Wetzsel, Moser and Moorhouse are turning at 22.5 km with 20 sec. Still 7.5 km to go.



And for rank 3' it's now Swiss Barbara Schwarz: she turned about a minute prior to Kerstens.



Julia Viellehner followed 11:13 min down. Rob Woestenborghs also turned after 22,5 km.



Eva Nyström reached the 22,5 km turnpoint.



Kerstens and Schwarz are running with 2 sec for rank 3 ...



And Julia Viellehner moved to 2nd place! At km 17.5 she passed 12:23 behind Nyström.



Our leaders, Eva Nyström and Rob Woestenborghs both passed the 17.5 km run mark.



And behind Woestenborghs, 4 men are fighting fpr Rank 2 to 5: Wetzel, Moorhouse, Bystrup and Moser turned at km 15 with 66 sec ..



Behind Kerstens and Schwarz, Julia Viellehner ist geting closer and closer to the podium ...



Watch out leaders Eva Nyström and Rob Woestenborghs in the video live stream:


Eva Nyström at the 15 km turnpoint with Powerman Arena.

With Susanne Svendsen we got a DNF and with Anthony Le Duey we got a DSQ: The frenchman had a yellow card on the bike but didn't show up at the penalty tent.



There is a 8 minutes gap between Rob Woestenborghs and Thomas Wetzel/Matt Moorhouse at the 7.5 km run turn point.



Powerman Bernie, here prior to the start this morning, is now preparing for Eva Nyström coming to the Powerman Arena after the first lap of 2nd run.



On the first 7.5 km of the run Eva Nyström secured a 11 minutes lead. But behind her, it is pretty close for the remaining 22,5 km: Kerstens, Schwarz, Gerber and Eggenschwiler are in running with 1:45 minutes and Julia Viellehner is just 2 minutes behind them.



Top 10 Men after bike:
1. Rob Woestenborghs 4:19:06..
2. Michael Wetzel 4:26:34.
3. Matt Moorhouse 4:26:36
4. Michael Kopf 4:27:31.
5. Marc Widmer 4:27:43.
6. André Moser 4:27:46.
7. Sören Bystrup 4:28:27
8. Anthony Le Duey 4:20:07.
9. Andy Sutz 4:31:09.
10. Sébastien Hansen 4:31:27.



Top 10 women after the bike:
1. Eva Nyström 5:00:07.
2. May Kerstens 5:10:05.
3. Karin Gerber 5:10:34
4. Barbara Schwarz 5:10:52.
5. Petra Eggenschwiler 5:12:39
6. Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner 5:16:36.
7. Maja Jacober 5:16:37.
8. Julia Viellehner 5:16:46.
9. Ruth Brennan Morrey 5:20:17.
10. Jacqueline Uebelhart 5:23:50



And Rob Woestenborghs is the first out on the run.



Surprise, surprise: Eva Nyström finished the 150 km bike about 15 min earlier than previewed the timetable and is out for the run now.



Women and men should come to TA2 in 10 to 20 minutes. Both favorites, Eva Nyström and Rob Woestenborghs, are clear leaders, both will that be enough for the demanding 30 km run?



Woestenborghs established a solid 5 min lead on the ex-group of 11, which is falling a little bit a part: Sören Bytrup is 2nd +5:20, followed by Michael Wetzel, Andy Sutz, Matt Moorhouse, André Moser, Anthony Le Duey, Kopf Michael, Marc Widmer and Sebastian Hansen (+5:55). Ex-Leader Yannick Cadalen is 8:06 down, faster 10 km-runner Oliver Mott 8:49.



Rob Woestenboghs was clocked at Ohmstal 120 km. He might have increased his lead on the chase group.



Barbara Schwarz (+8:18), Petra Eggenschwiler +9:31, Karin Gerber +9:57, Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner +12:49, Maja Jacober 23:32, Julia Viellehner 23:43, and Jacqueline Uebelhart 29:58 are completing the Top 10 women



It's american Ruth Brennan Morrey 2nd behind Nyström: the gap is 6:34. May Kerstens fell back to another 35 sec.



Eva Nyström passed at Ohmstal (120 km) for the last time today. We are waiting to see the gap to Brennan Morrey and May Kerstens. It had been 4 min after 100 km.



Our group of 11 is through: Bystrup, Moser, Sutz, Hansen, Kopf, Le Duey, Cadalen, Wetzel, Mott, Moorhouse and Widmer are about to attack the last bike lap 2:15 later then leader Woestenborghs.



Solo: Rob Woestenborghs is one and only leader in the men's race: after 100 km on bike he passed in Zofingen to begin the 3rd lap.



There are no news from the men's race, the are due to complete their 2nd bike lap in about 20 min or so.



Following the first 3 women are two Swiss: 4th and 5th are still Barbara Schwarz and Petra Eggenschwiler, attacking the third bike lap now. They are lucky, the rain stopped now.



Eva Nyström increased her lead: the definding champion finished the 2nd bike lap 4 min ahead of Ruth Brennan Morrey. Third, only 25 sec behind the USA-Girl, May Kerstens.



Oliver Mott dropped out of the top 3 men in the second climb to Bodenberg. At Ohmstal Yannick Cadalen and Rob Woestenborghs passed together 15 sec ahead of the British rider. There is a 2 minutes gap between the lead duo and the group of 11 men in the large group.



The rain is more intensiv now, we are waiting for the men to pass again at Ohmstal (km 70).



Top 3 men after 50 km bike



Behind follows a large group, 100 sec down: Michael Kopf (Ger), Bystrup, Le Duey, Sutz, Sébastien Hansen (FRA), Moorhouse, Moser, Neyrinck, Rocar Dalmau, Wetzel, Marc Widmer (SUI).



Bike lap 1 is done by the men: The passed is composed of Cadalen, Mott and Woestenborghs.



The gap ist 3 minutes: but hehind Nyström is not only Kerstens but also Brennan Morrey, both riding together. Another Minute behind are Swiss Barbara Schwarz and Petra Eggenschwiler.



The leading women Eva Nyström passed Ohmstal km 70 for the 2nd time. How large will be the gap?



Not in the top 10 men after 20 km bike we find Matt Moorhouse (11th) and Jochen Neyrinck (13th)



Don't miss the video live stream:



Top 10 women after first bike :
1. Eva Nyström 2:02.59.
2. May Kerstens 2:04:06.
3. Ruth Brennan Morrey 2:05:27.
4. Petra Eggenschwiler 2:05:44.
5. Barbara Schwarz 2:05:46.
6. Susanne Svendsen 2:06:29.
7. Katrin Esefeld 2:06:31.
8. Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner 2:06:32.
9. Carmen Bähler 2:07:22.
10. Julia Viellehner 2:07:27.



May Kerstens



Eva Nyström is in the lead after the first 50 km bike lap: The swedish girl is flying 1:40 ahead of May Kerstens.



The leading men passed at Ohmstal (20 km):
Yannick Cadalen is 9 sec ahead of Oliver Mott, another second behind Rob Woestenborghs. One minute later Andy Sutz passed together with Sören Bystrup and Anthony Le Duey.



Two times winner Andy Sutz (2008/2010)



We find all the men's favorite in the lead group. Our two leading women had been on the podium last year: Eva Nyström (1st) and May Kerstens (3rd). About 25 min to til the women will finish first of the three bike laps.



Top 10 men out to bike:
1. Rob Woestenborghs Bel 31:19
2. Oliver Mott GBR 31:24
3. Yannick Cadalen FRA 31:24
4. André Moser SUI 31:35
5. Andy Sutz SUI 31:36
6. Anthony Le Duey FRA 31:37.
7. Sören Bystrup DEN 31:45
8. Roger Rocar Dalmau 31:47.
9. Fabian Zehnder SUI 32:33.
10. Michael Wetzel GER 32:35



Rob Woestenborghs was the first to put the helmet on



The women passed km 20 on the bike: In the lead Eva Nyström 40 sec ahead of May Kerstens, Petra Eggenschwiler is another 34 sec down.


The chasegroup: Rob Woestenborghs, Yannick Cgdalen, Anthony Le Duey, Andy Sutz, Sören Bystrup, André Moser, Roger Rocar Dalmau.


Brian Mott is leading the men's race after 5 km. Five sec lead on group of eight.



The elite men are off!


Top 10 Women to bike
1. Julia Viellehner GER 36:50
2. Susanne Svendsen DEN 37:04.
3. Petra Eggenschwiler SUI 37:04.
4. Eva Nyström SWE 37:10.
5. May Kerstens NED 37:15.
6. Caroline Dubois FRA 37:29.
7. Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner AUT 37;39.
8. Ruth Brennan Morrey USA 37:53.
9. Katrin Esefeld GER 38:00.
10. Petra Schwarz SUI 38:09.


Julia Viellehner



Our trio was still together after 10 km of the run: Eggenschwiler, Dubois and Viellehner came back to the Powerman Arena 2 sec ahead of May Kerstens, Eva Nyström and Susanne Svendsen. But it was Dubois who returned to look for something (maybe sunglasses?) and lost about 30 sec.


The weather - always important to know at Powerman Zofingen:

we had a warm summer day yesterday with 27 degrees. In the night a thunderstorm passed with heavy rain and wind, which blew away the annoucers tent.

actually the race ist on under a slight rain, it's about 16 degrees.


And it's Swiss Petra Eggenschwiler who is leading the race after the first 5 km run in a trio cmposed of Caroline Dubois and Julia Viellehner. 2 sec behind we finf May Kerstens (3rd in 2012), last years winners Eva Nyström and Susanne Svendsen.


08:00   The women are off! In 20 min they will pass for the 1st lap of the initial 10 km run.

Women checking in


Live reporting begins with the start of the Long Distance Duathlon of women.